Currently, I am offering four workout programs that can be custom built to help everyone achieve their fitness or athletic goals. These workouts can be bought on a session-by-session basis, or as a cost savings package. 

Currently cash and checks is the only form of payment accepted.

Please email me at to set up sessions.

Thank You! 

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Javelin Training

Specialized javelin training for throwers of all skill levels. We will do personal throwing sessions out on the field along with javelin-specific weightlifting and agility sessions.


1 hour - $50

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Youth Fitness

This program is designed to get children in top shape through sports, bodyweight exercises, and agility training. 


1 hour - $25

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Athletic Training

Training that encompasses all the different aspect of athletics. We will work on speed, agility, explosiveness, and strength.


1 hour - $25


Weightlifting Training

Bodybuilding style training that focuses on gaining strength, size, and muscular definition through time-proven exercise methods.


1 hour - $25